Refurbishment to Copper Roofs

Client: Blackwoods Comprehensive School
Project: Refurbishment to Copper Roofs
Product: Metal-Kote

A revolutionary single application waterproofing and protection solution from Acrypol means the attractive traditional copper roof at Blackwood Comprehensive School in Caerphilly will look and perform again as if it were brand new.

Caerphilly Council demanded a product with superb waterproofing performance and the ability to recreate the look of the original copper roof. Metal-Kote was the only product on the market to fit the bill.

The contract, which was carried out during the school holidays and was therefore up against a tight deadline, involved the brush removal of loose debris from the roof. It was then high pressure cleaned and small tears
in the copper were repaired.

The entire roof area was then coated with Metal-Kote in copper green, the only product of its kind to work immediately in a single application.

The roof, previously dull and showing signs of failure, now looks and performs like new with the refurbished areas blending in perfectly with existing roof areas.

Metal-Kote is perfect for Plastisol sheeting, warehouses, commercial and industrial buildings, garages, agricultural buildings, mobile homes and caravans, Metal-Kote combines total 100% waterproofing, outstanding adhesion, flexibility and UV protection all in one product.

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